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I am a storyteller by heart. In my 'former' life back in Germany I used to direct TV shows and documentaries. Moving to the US forced me to re-invent myself and since photography always played a big role in my and my family's life, the change of career was more a flowing and natural process. I have a zeal for Lifestyle and Portrait Photography, but I would add documentary elements in my photos whenever I can. My photo shoots are rarely static for that reason. Authenticity plays a big role in my photography.


I am a passionate observer and a patient director. I love to work with kids of all ages, and my pet issue is street photography. Right now I am working on the Personal Project "Until Further Notice - Angelenos Under The Lens".


Awards received:

Reportage Family Award 2024

Family Story Award 2024


Off The Clock, American Photographic Artists 2023

Nominee at the 16th Annual International Color Awards 2023

AI-AP American Photography 39 2023

American Photography Open 2022

AI-AP American Photography 38 2022

Second Place Category Lifestyle, American Photographic Artists 2022

Second Place & Honorable Mention at the 17th Annual Black & White Spider Awards 2022

Second Place Documentary / Photojournalism, American Photographic Artists 2022

Nominee at the 15th Annual International Color Awards 2022

Second Place Documentary Family Awards 2022

Finalist Documentary Family Awards 2022

Something Personal, American Photographic Artists 2021

American Photography Open 2021

Off The Clock, American Photographic Artists 2021

Finalist Documentary Family Awards 2021

AI-AP American Photography 37 2021

AI-AP American Photography 36 2020

Portrait of Humanity, British Journal of Photography 2020

#ICPconcerned, International Center of Photography 2020

Off The Clock, American Photographic Artists 2020

Finalist Documentary Family Awards 2020

Voice Magazine Image Collection 2019

Untitled 2019, American Photographic Artists 2019

Off The Clock, American Photographic Artists 2017
tel: 310-424-8983

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